Dating Big or Skinny Women?

When it comes to dating BBW or skinny women, most of people may choose date skinny women. But there are still a lot of men who are really love big beautiful women or super big women. They love their big size bodies. Different people have different interests. Some men prefer skinny women while others enjoy the women who has some meat on her bones and more curviness to her body. In general, both big women and skinny women have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

There is no doubt that overweight women look cute. But there is a normal reason that made her be overweight – she love eating. Food is an important part of her life. If you happen to be a foodie, you should consider dating an overweight woman but not a skinny girl. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry that you eat and you can share your ideas with the overweight women or men.

On the other hand, if your curvy girl or big men is a bigger foodie than you are, and you want to control your weight gain, then you’re in the same trouble with the dater who are also overweight. While there is no harm in having a little extra fat, having too much of it might hinder your love-making sessions. Too much weight can limit the positions you enjoy with little or no room for creativity. I’ve had conversations about this with some of the men I’ve met on plus size dating sites. I doubt this subject ever comes up among skinny men and women.7e5d23f52f4a0734e951d77ebebab48a


Plus size singles, may also experience health-related issues due to obesity, such as suffering from various heart related ailments or diabetes that may tax the monthly budget. It’s always good advice to overweight people to be mindful of their health and hearts and include exercise of some sort in their daily activities.

Although this is certainly a matter of personal choice, I found it interesting that fewer men seem to now prefer dating a skinny woman. According to a recent survey, less than 30% of men in the United States and the United Kingdom now prefer dating a skinny woman. Skinny women with less than 10% of fat are more likely to appeal to athletes.

If you prefer the skinny women, there are a few things that you may want to consider. For instance, women that are too skinny often face complications during pregnancy. In some cases, they may give birth to weaker and smaller infants. It might be good to have a limit as to how skinny you want your girl to be. It is always good to consider all the aspects before initiating a completely different phase of life.

The article aims to convince men to choose a big girl over a skinny one. These are just some of my thoughts to consider that might help overweight women when dating via plus size dating sites, and maybe what to expect when meeting men this way. I just wanted to point out the good and bad of dating both plus-size women and skinny women.


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