How Does Online Dating Work?

When it comes to online dating, you often hear about the technology behind it. This so-called technology is what makes it so successful. The different scientific approaches that are used by each site are considered their own unique “formula” to help users find love. Yet, what many of us want to know, is what exactly this science is and how it works in the name of love.

Different factors are entered into a computer to create the list of the best possible matches of you. There are three different components to this rule of operation but not all are available on each dating website.

Basic Preferences & Location

The first large selection of matches comes from your basic preferences and location information. This includes your age, preferred age of partner, race, income level, and geographic location. As well as those that you set for your potential match. Think of your first round of matches as a bag of jelly beans without those pesky licorice ones that no one likes. Some of the singles shows to you will be your perfect match, but most will be just tolerable.

When you choose a site that isn’t focused on really helping you find love on a deeper level, this is the kind of match pool you will get.

Personality Test

Leading dating websites utilize their own form of personality tests to help refine your match selection. These tests have you answer a series of questions (between 50 and 100) that relate to your feelings about different situations. The idea is to help identify the type of personality and sub-personalities that you have and what types of users jive best. When you take these tests, you are able to further whittle down your match pool.

So, take that mix of jelly beans above and eliminate at least half of the flavors that you just kind of tolerate but don’t really like.

Relationship Needs Tests

Finally, there are the relationship needs and chemistry tests open to you. This helps refine your selection even further by identifying what you need in a relationship and what you need from a partner. The computer then gathers this information and removes those users that don’t fit your specific love profile.

So you see, the science is not a science exactly but is a carefully refined system which helps match you with your ideal love. If you are a bbw single or BBW admirer, by choosing a plus size dating site that offers all three components, you can target in on those white and red jelly beans that you love so much and skip the less favorable ones. The entire process saves you time and energy when it comes to dating and promises to increase your results.



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