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Misunderstandings About Plus Size Women

When we talk about fat people, most of normal people may think they are lazy, inactive and eat too much. Some people even laugh at them. Just because the misunderstanding about these plus size people, especially these plus size women. Dating is challenging for plus size women with the misunderstanding about them. If you one …


Stop Dieting – Be a Confident Plus Size Woman at Any Size

Are you one of these plus size women struggling with excess weight, tired of feeling ashamed and hating your body, desperate to stop dieting, but don’t know how? Maybe you’re keeping the goodies you love at arm’s distance or heaven forbid, avoiding them completely. So, you can not avoid it, just face it and be yourself. …


How To be Confident As a Plus Size Single

There are some plus size singles, especially plus size women have no confidence because of their plus size bodies. Nowadays, plus size women or men can get respect. However, in these plus size singles’ deep mind, they still have no confidence. They think they are ugly. how can a big woman or man overcome the problem and regain …

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